Punta Frouxeira

Valdoviño coastline

In the far west of the Cape Ortegal Geopark Project we find Campelo beach, a good place to see the As Pontes-Pedroso fault, which was active until less than 20 million years ago. Monte Campelo, a beautiful natural vantage point formed by granite rocks, is right next to the beach. From there which you can see the valley that joins Valdoviño and Ferrol, known as a “lithological valley”, that is, a depression in which there are softer materials and where, consequently, erosion acts more quickly.

If you follow the coastline to the east, you will find the dune system of A Frouxeira, one of the most complete and wide ranging in the northwest of the peninsula. Next to it is the coastal lagoon of A Frouxeira, formed during the last rise in sea level and a reflection of the changes suffered by this coast as a result of marine dynamics.

What this lagoon will become in the future can be seen further north, in Pantín. There was also a flooded area there, which is now covered with sediment and vegetation. It is worth mentioning that at the western end of the beach of O Rodo – the actual name of the sandy area – there are traces of intense underwater volcanic activity of an explosive and violent nature. This cab be traced back to when this part of the land that is now known as Galicia was in the southern hemisphere.



City council: Valdoviño
Can I visit it?: Yes, on foot or by car, with ample parking areas near the sandy areas.
further information: You can walk the coast of Valdoviño almost in its entirety. It is woth mentioning the birdwatching spots in the SPA (Special Protection Area) of the Laguna de A Frouxeira and the fact that Pantín -O Rodo- is one of the main European destinations for surfing.

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